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Horizontal slitting rewinding machine

  • Product Name:  Horizontal slitting rewinding machine
  • Model NO.:  GX
  • Product Details:  Horizontal slitting rewinding machine

 Horizontal slitting rewinding machine

 It can cut a variety of printing and packaging used in polyethylene, polypropylene, such as plastic film, the machine is  equipped with computer-controlled, automatic correction for leaks, and automatically include rice, put the volume of powder using electromagnetic brakes, rolling powder using electromagnetic clutch, Adjust the volume automatically retractable tension. Local high degree of automation is the ideal customer choice.

 The main technical parameters:
 Model GX-800 GX-1100 GX-1300 
 Raw materials maximum width 800mm 1100mm 1300mm
 Cut at a maximum speed of 160m/min 160m/min 160m/min
 Maximum diameter of raw materials Ф550mm Ф550mm Ф550mm
 Rolling diameter of the largest Ф450mm Ф450mm Ф450mm
 Rolling pivot Ф76mm Ф76mm Ф76mm
 Main Motor 2.2KW 3KW 3KW
 Whole weight of ≈ 1200kg ≈ 1350kg ≈ 1500kg
 Size (L * W * H) 1600 * 1600 * 1400mm 1600 * 1800 * 1400mm 1600 * 2000 * 1400mm
 Data are subject to change without notice.
 Note: Users need to be super-large generating units ordered in advance to the Company.