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High-speed automatic slitting rewinding machine

  • Product Name:  High-speed automatic slitting rewinding machine
  • Model NO.:  GFQ-1300B
  • Product Details:  High-speed automatic slitting rewinding machine

 High-speed automatic slitting rewinding machine

 It applied to BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper and other materials sub-volume, in the production process according to the different needs of cutting-edge materials, such as sub-cut.

 Performance and features:
 1. the local electric braking system from the centralized control of PLC, according to the requirements of sub-cut process, by the touch screen set up at all the parameters, liquid crystal display screen control, control system has a buffer to start, stop anti-song, including rice, and other fixed-length feature , The operation is very simple.
 2. release tension control using automatic volume control system of tension, so that the volumes released to maintain constant tension, but also the demands of technology, according to taper control. Japan to adopt corrective Bridge LPC automatic photo correction system automatically "with the side" or "with the line" to ensure that the substrate material going in the right position.
 3. loading and unloading of raw materials used gas cap-free hydraulic lift shaft and clamping structure (the structure of matching take-off and landing).
 4. the main traction and rolling with a two by the vector control variable frequency drive. Tension rolling by the PLC in accordance with sub-cut process requirements and parameters set by the rolling diameter changes, according to the number of automatic taper way.
 5. scroll to close the sub-tension inflatable slide collection reel, slip force automation, and adapt to the uneven thickness of the material to carry out multi-volume set of all points.