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Flexo Plate Making Machine

  • Product Name:  Flexo Plate Making Machine
  • Model NO.:  Flexible GX-400-600-800
  • Product Details:  Flexo Plate Making Machine

 This series of photographic equipment sets, washing version, drying and other functions, structure, precision, the use of materials for research.
 * Philip import copy-specific lamps, Philips ballast
 * Japan imports diffuse reflectance UV membrane extraction 
 * Wash the import version of silk wool, aluminum alloy plate and never deformed. Brush pressure to facilitate adjustment
 * The temperature wind knives, electric imports and strong winds, fast drying
 * U.S. imports of temperature sensors
 * The all-stainless steel shell, durable and never rust
 * The single-chip computer control, all-electronic digital display
 * With imports from viscose, easy to wash version, the version of the automatic wash cycle, this series of plate-making machines and high precision, easy to operate to a maximum of up to 200 cable lines is to produce self-adhesive trademarks, marked cloth, ribbon, seals, Cans, hoses, etc. Toppan Printing plate-making equipment ideal.