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Dry laminating machine

  • Product Name:  Dry laminating machine
  • Model NO.:  GFC
  • Product Details:  Dry laminating machine

 Dry laminating machine

 It applies to the production of composite packaging industry, such as plastic - plastic composite, paper - plastic composite,
 Paper - paper and aluminum foil composite compound and so on.

 And the performance characteristics of :
 1, composite and plastic on the two-motor, dual-frequency synchronous speed of imports has changed in the past of the axis Transmission structure, expected to go smoothly, reaching the speed of synchronous lines to ensure that the tensile material.
 2, Bridge Road, two-bake heating increased the temperature so that the compound faster.
 3, the rubber compound of pneumatic pressure pneumatic roller imported components.
 4, scraper or extrusion coating of two-way process can be any different choices.
 5, close, volume put magnetic tension control.
 6, silver lock temperature control temperature control system will be the best in the state.

 The main technical parameters: 
 Composite maximum width 600mm 800mm 1000mm
 Volume is expected diameter of the largest φ500mm φ500mm φ500mm
 2-rise complex layer (two layer) 2 layer (two layer) 2 layer (two layer)
 Compound rate of 5 ~ 70m/min 5 ~ 70m/min 5 ~ 70m/min
 Adjustable highest oven temperature 90 ℃ 90 ℃ 90 ℃
 Drum adjustable thermal maximum temperature 80 ℃ 80 ℃ 80 ℃
 The total power 29.45kw 37.35kw 48.49kw
 Machine weight 3800kg 4200kg 4800kg
 Size 6500 * 1430 * 2720mm 6500 * 1630 * 2720mm 6500 * 1830 * 2720mm